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French wine, wine route, grand cru, millesime, vineyard, gastronomy of Alsace France
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French wine, wine route, grand cru, millesime, vineyard, gastronomy of Alsace France
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French wine: wine route, grand cru, millesime, vineyard, gastronomy  Alsace France
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Discover France through Alsace. Discover France through Alsace.
Events in Alsace. Events in Alsace.
Follow the Froggies: Alsace gastronomy. Follow the Froggies: Alsace gastronomy.
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Alsace Wine Reviews
french wine alsace france vineyard wine route grand cru growers riesling cellar white grape gastronomy millesime

french wine alsace france vineyard wine route grand cru growers riesling cellar white grape gastronomy millesime

Market Export Informations

The hottest news about wine business outside France
France loses share of China boom
French wine exports continue to take a beating, with the news that France's market share is plummeting in China. France holds 32% of the Chinese market today. Just over half its market share 20 years ago...
date: 2006-06-21

France's massive supermarkets in China
France is planning an aggressive marketing campaign for China, with 'massive' supermarket launches to capitalise on initiatives already in place, French ministers announced at Vinexpo in Hong Kong.
date: 2006-06-21

Unbreakable Kwarx Glass Unveiled at Vinexpo In Hong Kong
An 'unbreakable' wine glass made of a new material called Kwarx has been launched at Vinexpo in Hong Kong.
The makers claim it is the most important revolution in glass since automated lead crystal production.
date: 2006-06-21

EU uncorks plan to curb wine flood
$2.5 billion to be paid to take European vineyards out of production
The European Union proposed a radical overhaul of the continent's cherished wine sector Thursday, a move meant to ensure the survival of vintners hit hard in recent years by growing competition from Chile, the U.S., South Africa and others.
date: 2006-07-04

An amusing little Frog: French wine labels get funny
WHAT do Arrogant Frog and Elephant on a Tightrope have in common? Faced with a slump in consumption and increasing competition from abroad, the French are suffering the indignity of having to pick funny names for their wine in order to sell it abroad.
At the top end of the market things are going well. The 2005 bordeaux vintage is fetching record prices in the futures market. Further down the scale, however, prospects are grim. Too much wine is being produced for too few buyers.
date: 2006-10-21

French wine production to rise this year
Paris- The 2006 vintage of French wines will likely be abundant and of excellent quality, the National Office of Fruit, Wine and Horticulture Professionals (Viniflor) said Wednesday.
This year's harvest is expected to produce 53.9 million hectolitres of wine, an increase of 1.1 per cent over 2005, Viniflor said in a statement released in Paris.
date: 2006-10-21

Shining chinese wine market
Wang Gongtang is a famous Chinese wine expert. He expressed some opinions of the China’s wine industry recently. He said, with the China’s wine base formed, winemaking equipments and technology have been brought in line with the international level and there has been a group of wine customers, the prospect of the Chinese wine market is cheerful.
date: 2006-10-22

Italians lament the end of Tocai
Investors on the lookout for a genuine collectors' item could do worse than snap up a few cases of the 2006 Italian Tocai vintage – the last of its kind.
Northern Italy is in mourning for the loss of their name after an EU ruling that Tokay can be Hungarian, and only Hungarian.
date: 2006-10-27

Asia develops a taste for fine wines
New money drives up prices for many vintages
On a side street in the Kangnam-gu business district of Seoul sits Podo Plaza, a three-story cubic structure devoted to wine - not rice wine, as one might expect, but the grapey variety from Bordeaux and Burgundy, Tuscany and the Napa Valley. Its retail space contains 3,000 labels, some of which are served in its downstairs wine bar; an upstairs space is devoted to wine and culinary education.
date: 2006-11-02

French wine maker produces organic wine to protect the good earth
WITH the steady spread of organic labels in the food and drinks industry, it was inevitable that French wine-maker Pierre Perrin would be asked if his organic fine wines were but part of this growing health fad.
date: 2006-11-07

French minister ducks issue of wood chips in wine
The French agriculture minister yesterday ducked the controversial issue of wood chips in a speech to open Vinitech.
Dominique Bussereau, speaking on the first day of Vinitech, the world's largest wine techniques and machinery trade fair, said he welcomed the modernisation of French wine but made no mention of the divisive issue of wood chips, recently banned for use in AOC winemaking.
date: 2006-12-09

US drinks record 300m cases of wine in 2006
The US consumed a record 300m cases of wine in 2006, according to latest government statistics – almost enough for the US to drink its way out of a six-year wine glut, say some reports.
The figure supports the belief that wine is a rapidly growing trend in the country.
date: 2007-02-20

Wine glut hits South Africa
South African winegrowers are being forced out of business as prices drop due to oversupply, it was revealed this weekend.
Grape growers in the country have been hit by dropping prices due to world oversupply, as well as falling exports, slow domestic sales, unstable exchange rates and farm subsidies in rival wine-producing countries.
date: 2007-03-19

Top French producers gun for screwcap
France's top wine producers are putting their weight behind screwcap closures.
While the New World has adopted the Stelvin closure with enthusiasm, until recently French producers have lagged behind.
date: 2007-03-20

Myanmar launches its first winery
Aythaya, Myanmar. The landscape could well be mistaken for the rolling, sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. But the monasteries perched on hilltops are Buddhist. And the workers aren't Italians with centuries of viticulture coursing through their veins, but Asian farmers new to the grape at Myanmar's first winery.
date: 2007-03-21

What's the fuss with screwcaps?
(Is there a Fuss?)
For the past few years, the wine press has been trying to make screwcaps one of the burning controversies of our time (within the narrow world of wine, that is). Wine Spectator built a whole issue around the subject, pitting two of their top columnists, James Laube and James Suckling, against each other. Newspaper columnists love to talk about it, as it invites easy jokes about jug wines and a “look how far wine has come” angle that they know will appeal to both the aficionados and the less-serious winedrinkers in their audience.
date: 2007-03-28

The Don of Canadian Winemaking
Fine wines from Canada? This is not the punchline to a joke, nor is it some unexpected upside to global warming. Canada is now producing excellent wines that are earning international respect. The two primary grape-growing areas are both in relatively warm, sheltered, lakeshore locations--southern Ontario and British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.
date: 2007-03-28

NZ wines 'more friendly to environment than French'
Our wine exports to the UK are more environmentally friendly than French wines, and that's despite them having to travel far more "wine miles".
Speaking ahead of last night's Food Hawke's Bay seminar at EIT, David Hughes, a food marketing expert from Imperial College, London, said if New Zealand winemakers shifted the debate from the distance their wine travelled to explaining their carbon footprint, they could compete with the world's best.
date: 2007-04-09

West Coast Pinot Gris/Grigio
What's the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? Nothing, yet everything. It's the same grape in different languages: "gris" is French and "grigio" is Italian. Both mean "gray." But there's a huge difference in bottles labeled Pinot Gris versus Pinot Grigio.
date: 2007-05-21

Newly rich chineses developing taste for fine wine
BMWs and Gucci handbags are already firm favourites among China's emerging class of newly rich. Now, fine wines are becoming the latest symbol of luxury. For people like senior executive Wang Jie, it is an obvious choice to make.
"It tastes better than beer or rice wine, and it's better for your health," Wang said, speaking at a wine tasting event at a top Beijing hotel.
date: 2007-05-21

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french wine alsace france vineyard wine route grand cru growers riesling cellar white grape gastronomy millesime
french wine alsace france vineyard wine route grand cru growers riesling cellar white grape gastronomy millesime

Photo Gallery

Colmar. Capital of alsacian vineyards.
Colmar. Capital of alsacian vineyards.

Colmar. Nice city.
Colmar. Nice city.

Burgundy and me
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Colmar. Nice city.

Colmar. Nice city.

Colmar. Capital of alsacian vineyards.

Colmar. Capital of alsacian vineyards.

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